Take control of YOUR health career today.

Our philosophy is to teach you the tools to use for expanding your health reach.

All of the Practitioner programs are packed full of content to TEACH you the data driven methods of Modern Holistic Health, and how to extend your knowledge to those around the world.

In these courses, you will see an approach that differs from traditional western medicine…an approach that looks at the “whole body” versus an individual symptom.


Learn the science of analyzing data to make data-driven recommendations. Understand the importance of combining a variety of tests to get a full biological view of the body.

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You will not learn to treat or diagnose. You will do more. You will learn to look at the data and uncover the root causes that are so easily missed.

Life changes in health can only happen by understanding and addressing the root causes.

Your career in helping others change their lives is waiting. Learn the tools and strategies to help those in need by applying data-driven techniques to uncover root causes and address the underlying conditions.

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